Most popular Papercraft Animal Trophies of 2019

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Top 25 Papercraft trophies of 2019

In the world of Assembli we have created many paper animal trophies. We love them all, each one is special. But some of them are very popular amongst you lovers! Wondering what were the most popular papercraft animal trophies from Assembli of 2019? Read on!

The top 3 overall sold popular papercraft animal trophies all over the world are as follows:

The number 1 trophy for 2019 goes to the Paper Panda! It was our top-selling papercraft kit in 2019. Easy to make and very cuddly, the Panda fits well in many interiors.
The Grizzly is the cool and nice at the same time. Looks good in a boys bedroom or in an urban jungle style living room.
In soft pink and as a set of 2 the Flamingo love birds are no. 3 best selling animal trophies. Create a tropical atmosphere in your home and add some leaves or butterflies.

  1. Paper Panda
  2. Paper Grizzly
  3. Pink Paper Flamingo
  4. Paper Whale
  5. Paper Fox orange
  6. Giraffe yellow
  7. Paper Wolf black
  8. Paper Sabre
  9. Horse gold
  10. Deer caramel

    Just inside the top 10 popular papercraft animal trophies is the new Paper Deer. Only available since August/September and already no. 10!
    And also the Paper Elephant is just new and already on No. 12. This proud animal really took some big steps and we have the Paper Elephant available in satin gold now.

  11. Horse mint
  12. Elephant grey
  13. Deer white
  14. Horse white
  15. Rhino grey
  16. Wolf grey
  17. Alpaca caramel
  18. Sapiens gold
  19. Tiger orange
  20. Wolf white
  21. Horse purple
  22. Sapiens white
  23. Bear white
  24. Panther black
  25. Bear brown

Popular papercraft animal trophies the way you want them to be

Don’t let this prevent you from making your own personal choice. Every animal is available in almost any color we have available. So if you prefer a pink wolf or a blue giraffe just order it here on our website and show us the result at your home with #assembli on Instagram. We would love to see how your project turns out.

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