Discover our new Marine life!

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Take a look in the new Marine life…..

At Assembli we are fascinated by the underwater world and Marine life. Deep blue oceans, special creatures and beautiful coral is what inspires us to design the most beautiful designs. A playground for us to design a paper underwater world! Sea animals have the most special colors and shapes and are therefore a great source of inspiration.

A special sea

In recent years, the sea has been a topic that has been discussed a lot. The impact of how we as humans deal with the sea in our environment is significant. We already knew that the oceans and seas are large. But that the surface of the earth consists of 72% water is a figure that will surprise you. 94% of all life on Earth is in the oceans, and only 5% of the ocean has been discovered by humans. Just imagine what there is still to discover! The underwater world is therefore a place where your greatest fantasies can come to life. For example, in the sea near Hawaii there is a mountain of up to 10 km high and there are underwater waterfalls on the island of Mauritius!

The ocean and climate change

The sea is incredibly important in the fight against climate change. Research shows the following: 97% of the extra heat from fossil fuel emissions disappears into the oceans and only 3% is absorbed by the atmosphere, continents and melting ice sheets. 98% of all CO2 on Earth is dissolved in the oceans. The ocean stores 50 times as much CO2 as the atmosphere and 20 times more than plants on land!

Plastic soup

There is an awful lot of plastic in the ocean. But how did that get there? There are several ways how plastic ends up in the sea. Sometimes people throw their garbage into a river. This waste then flows to the sea. But plastic waste also blows into our oceans with the wind. It is therefore very important to always throw your waste in the trash. Depending on the structure and type of plastic, it can take 20 to 500 years for the plastic to ‘dissolve’. But dissolved actually means not visible to the eye, because plastic is never completely broken down. Plastic will always exist, it divides into smaller and smaller particles that we call microplastics. These microplastics end up in the bodies of animals that we as humans eat.

We do everything we can to keep our plastic use as small as possible. To contribute an extra bit, Joop makes cool home accessories from plastic residual waste!

Marine life of Assembli

At Assembli we are also concerned with the climate and corporate responsibility. Besides keeping our production process as environmentally friendly, separating and/or reusing our waste and if our paper is FSC certified, we wanted to do something extra. We want to make you aware of the consequences of the use of plastic, and the beauty of marine life. That’s why we focused last year on a cool paper underwater world collection. This way you can add an underwater world theme to your interior, without contributing to plastic pollution. Our designer Joop has set to work!

Marine life in your interior

Are you a kitchen prince or princess? How nice is it to hang the paper lobster or the paper squid in your kitchen? The lobster is a real eye-catcher in the kitchen with its red body. Place it in a black wooden frame and your artwork is complete, just a nail or screw in the wall and hang it up!
Or do you like an eclectic touch in your home? With a paper sea turtle in gold, or with a paper seahorse in rainbow colors.
There are also plenty of fun options for the children’s room. A cool paper shark for an exciting ocean room, or paper whale tails on the wall that make it seem like you are really close to these great sea giants!

The possibilities are endless! Do you have a nice photo with your paper sea creature in your interior? Then share it on Instagram with #assembli.

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