Invasion of the paper Ant Colony

28/09/2018 Geplaatst in: Projects, Selection

No matter where you have been this summer, surely you have encountered ants! Of course nobody likes it when they come and ruin your picnic :/ And imagine an invasion of ants in your own kitchen! Eeks! But that is exactly what happened when we just moved to our new location in summer 2017. And it inspired us to make these little friends to recreate a friendly invasion at your place.

Friendly army

They actually are very admirable: ants conquered the whole world (except antarctica ironically) with many millions of species. So it is almost impossible not to encounter an army of ants. Because they are everywhere, except in your home, we created a friendly army of Ants out of cardboard. They come in peace to conquer your home and brighten up your interior in a funny way.

Easy to assemble

The ants are easy to assemble yourself. Just push out the parts carefully, put together without glue and then you can stick them on any surface with all your creativity. And if you want to make a wall decoration: the strawberry and apple are included. Only add your own frame and background and your imagination to add the ants around it.

Let this friendly Ant Colony invade and brighten up your interior!

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