King of the jungle: Tiger

01/01/1970 Geplaatst in: Projects


It started of with a request from Caverne du Pont d’Arc.  A very special location with a historical site and cavern with drawings of many thousands years ago. Joop created the mythical Sabre for them and it appeared to be a great succes this summer!

But we also want make this unique design available for you. Maybe the tiger is a little more friendly and recognisible as the ‘king of the jungle’. The endangered Siberian Tiger and Bengal Tiger really appeals to many animal lovers. A fierce look and strength to kill other animals. But also cute and cuddly when resting and purring with content.

Now you can create your own Paper Tiger Trophy and help prevent extinction 😉 This rescue takes about 4 hours of work and then you will have a unique tribute to the tiger in your own home as wall decoration.