Most popular Insects of 2019

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Top 15 popular 3D Insect puzzles

Are you wondering what are the most popular 3D Insect puzzles and what colors? We have made a list of the in 2019 introduced 3D insects that became the most popular in a time where bees are having a hard time surviving. Other insects seem to get ignored when they are crucial for our survival on this planet. So get busy and preserve your insects in the most animal friendly way 🙂

  1. Honey Bee (gold + transparent)
  2. Bumble Bee
  3. Rosalia beetle ruby red
  4. Jewel beetle mango green
  5. Stag beetle small cobalt blue + caribbean green
  6. Scarab beetle mango green
  7. Anisoptera dragonfly caribbean green
  8. Firefly emerald green
  9. Jewel beetle pink
  10. Swordtail butterfly sunset yellow
  11. Birdwing butterfly azure blue
  12. Firefly blue
  13. Stag beetle small rainbow mirror
  14. Praying mantis mango green
  15. Rosalia beetle emerald green

The Honey Bee is the top favorite of everyone. To help bees survive and attract live bees in your own garden you can use the special seeds we added to the package. It started as a short promotion as introduction but in the end we decided that the bees need every help they can get, so we continued this gesture.

The Bumble bee is the friendly round companion of any colorful flower. The Rosalia beetle in ruby red is no. 3 followed shortly by the Jewel beetle in mango green and the small Stag beetle in cobalt blue. Once you get started you can’t stop and before you know your wall is full of frames with all kinds of different insects and you already have your entomology collection. The 3D Scarab beetle is also very popular and easy to combine. The Anisoptera dragonfly is a delicate flyer while the 3D Firefly has its special glow-in-the-dark effect. The Jewel beetle is also very popular in the stunning color pink.

Expose the popular 3D Insect puzzles in our wooden frames

All these small insects are very suitable to combine with 3 or more in a frame. Having trouble finding a frame for your home to display your insects? We finally found very nice frames. They are made in the Netherlands and exactly as we want it: emphasizing the 3D effects of the 3D Insect puzzles.

New colors for insects 2020

The first butterfly is on no.10. This year we have made some changes and added some new stunning metal colors like Swordtail purple and the Giant silk Butterfly in mango green. We also renewed the Butterfly collection by combining shapes and new colors.

Got some inspiration? Make your own choice of Insects and colors, easily put them together, decorate your home with them and share with us with #assembli We would love to see the results of your DIY interior project #stayathome #blijfthuis #restezchezvous

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