Paper animals: how does it work?

18/07/2018 Geplaatst in: papercraft kits

Paper animals are the perfect eyecatcher for your interior! It is the ideal animal friendly alternative for the classic animal trophies brought home after a hunt.

But it is not only an unique wall decoration, it is also a special project because you have to assemble the paper animal yourself. This makes it a mindful experience with a result you can be really proud of. Each paper animal trophy comes in different colours.

Assembli grizzly low

Paper Grizzly Bear

Paper folding animals

Our paper animal kit contains large templates and a practice template, an instruction, fast drying glue and a folding lath. All you need are some scissors or a little craft knife and some time and patience to assemble your paper animal.

Assembli Fox orange with eyes

Paper Fox

How to make paper animals

  1. You start by cutting out the different pieces of your paper animal. Save the paper leftovers to cover up any accidents, such as glue stains, dents or gaps.
  2. After cutting out the pieces, you fold them. Use the folding lath or the back of a kitchen knife to make sharp folds.
  3. Use the numbers to sort all pieces before you start building your paper animal.
  4. The small numbers around the edges of each piece represent the gluing numbers. You will find each number twice on your paper trophy. Find the numbers and glue the pieces on top of the associated flaps.
  5. While you’re gluing and holding the tabs, it’s advised to use the table as much as possible.

Enjoy making your 3D puzzle project! 🙂

Assembli Panda kit square low

Paper Panda Bear

Ask a friend for help!

Since it takes a couple of hours to assemble your paper animal, split the mission into pieces. It’s extra fun and fast to ask a friend or relative to help you!

Hang your paper animal heads on the wall, just like hanging a picture, on a nail.

Assembli flamingo kit low

Paper Flamingo