Paper butterfly: How to Assemble?

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A paper butterfly as interior decoration

Are you looking for a paper butterfly? Great, because it will be an elegant addition to your interior. You can use multiple butterflies and place them on the wall, ceiling, around a plant, and many other places. If placed correctly, the butterfly creates a colorful effect and lights up your home. We created the ultimate DIY butterfly kit. How does it work?

Easy, we prepared everything for you. In other words, assembling your own butterfly will be a piece of cake. You are probably wondering: what do I have to do? It is easy: you follow the instructions provided in the package and assemble the butterflies yourself. It takes some time and patience to put together the butterflies. But in the end, you will be proud of the final result.

Your own paper butterfly: what do you need to assemble?

First, choose which paper butterfly you like the most. We have butterflies available in 3 different models:

A variety of colors are available: black, glossy azure blue, glossy sunset yellow and glossy caribbean green.


Would you like more butterflies like a swarm? Then choose the Paper butterfly collection: it contains a swarm of 24 insects varying from 6 to 10 cm wide. The collection is available in many colors:, glossy azure blue, glossy sunset yellow, purple metallic and glossy caribbean green.


How to assemble the butterflies?

It takes around 45 minutes to assemble a butterfly puzzle. Although the task asks for some precision, you will enjoy every minute of it! In the video you will find the full, easy to follow tutorial. Click here for the instruction video

The Paper butterfly collection is easy and intuitive to assemble.

  1. Take the butterflies out of the sheets
  2. Glue the dots and stick them anywhere you want to!
  3. That is it. Easy right?

5 ideas for the decoration of your home with a paper butterfly

Are you looking for some fun ideas to place the paper butterflies in your home? We give you our top 5 ideas:

  • You can easily cheer up your lampshade
  • Make your room more colorful by using the butterflies as a wall decorator
  • Place the butterflies in a jar
  • Make picture frames prettier
  • Use the paper butterflies in the baby room

We love seeing your creative ideas with the butterflies. Tag us with #assembli to show your project to us!

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