Inspiration for DIY paper decoration at home

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Are you looking for inspiration for paper interior decoration? Do you enjoy making your own animal papercraft out of a papercraft kit?
Paper is a very diverse material when it comes to decoration. You can do anything with it. Use it for drawing and coloring, use paper to put it in a frame, or if you want some more body with 3D figures, make your own paper interior decoration with our papercraft kits, our paper insects or our paper birds!

Do you want more design in your living room? Make your own papercraft 3D animal trophy and hang it on the wall above the dining table or above the sofa. A nice project to work on for a few hours without having to look at a screen. Making a paper animal head is a kind of meditative journey. You can fully focus, and you end up with a very nice paper wall decoration that you can be rightly proud of!

Paper interior decoration in the living room

The living room is pre-eminently the place where you get together and spend a lot of time. Then it is extra fun to decorate it nicely here. At Assembli we have various items for your interior. Functional paper pendant lamps, decorative paper insects and beautiful colored paper birds. For example, decorate your houseplants with a colorful paper colibri or the funny paper houses ‘Cottage Town’. This way you create your own small jungle in your home.

You can assemble the 3D paper birds yourself without glue and place them on a stick or hang them on a thread. Just how and where you want them in your home. In addition to the individual birds, we also have bird collections. A collection with a flight of geese and a collection of city birds. The ‘city birds’ collection comes with adhesive circles and a piece of black wire so you can create the illusion of an electric wire on your own wall and count birds from your own couch!

The colorful 3D paper insects look extra nice in a wooden frame with a few together. If you want to keep it visually calm, then choose frames of the same size, or frames with different sizes but not too many different colored insects. You can also hang the frames grouped on the wall. This ensures more peace and unity in your interior. If you like busy and colorful, you can also make a combination of different insects in various metallic colors!


Work with a theme in your interior decoration

Using a theme in your interior is always fun, because it provides guidance and a certain direction. That way you choose decoration that matches together. We have listed a few nice themes for you with paper products from our Assembli range.

Ocean theme as bedroom styling

The bedroom with a nautical-, beach- or ocean theme can now be styled with homemade paper animal heads ass walldecoration. We have a whole category of paper aquatic animals in our Marine Life category. There are dolphins, an orca or the tougher shark. The swim-away whale tails of a mother with baby whale also look great on the wall with their deep blue metallic paper color. The paper lobster gives a striking accent in your interior due to the bright red metallic color, great for a bedroom! You can assemble the 3D lobster decoration yourself without glue. If you want to place the lobster in a wooden frame, you can attach it to the back plate with a few drops of papercraft glue.



Jungle theme as nursery styling

As a child you have an unlimited imagination. The jungle is a place you can only dream of as a child! How cool is it to bring the jungle theme into the nursery? In that way you can dream of it and also sleep in it! Combine our paper tiger with a paper (baby) panda, or the tough sabre tiger and style it together with an exciting paper grizzly! Fortunately they are made of paper and you are safe in your own room 😉

Share your paper interior decoration!

Proud of your efforts? At Assembli we would love to see your interior and your styling with Assembli products. Share your interior by tagging us on Instagram!

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