The History of Papercraft

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The origin of paper and papercraft goes way back. Papercraft and origami are art forms which a lot of people enjoyed during centuries.
Paper craft is fun, timeless and allows you to fully use your creativity and create cool interior decoration of paper!

It all started with the Egyptians

Many sources state that paper knows its origin from around 105 A.D. in China by a Chinese court official named Cai Lun. Sources say that Cai is the introducer of the concept of sheets of paper. But actually paper is invented 3000 years before Christ in Egypt. So the concept of paper was invented much earlier, but Cai was the first to develop it with a material other than wicker plants. He discovered a cheap way to create a writing surface by using bark of trees, hemp waste and old rags. Later on, paper making migrated to Korea and then to Japan. Paper started as a hard substance, but in Japan the Buddhist Monks improved the quality of paper along the centuries.


Papercraft History | Assembli

Paper Origami Art

You can say it all started in Egypt and China, but the Japanese took it to the next level by creating art with it. In 1680 there was the first evidence that paper was foldable. A short poem by poet Ihara Saikaku tells us about a butterfly origami. One of the earliest known paper-folding instruction books was Akisato Rito’s Sembazuru orikata (1797). It showed how to fold linked cranes cut and folded from a square of paper. Origami is initially known as orikata (folded shapes). In 1880 the craft became known as origami. The term origami comes from the Japanese words oru (to fold) and kami (paper). 

Today, many people love to the idea of learning how to fold origami figures because paper is a creative craft supply. In the early days it was a craft only for the elite. Later on, Japanese monks folded origami figures for religious purposes. Origami was also used in formal ceremonies, like the practice of folding paper butterflies to adorn sake bottles at a Japanese couple’s wedding reception. Tsuki, folded pieces of paper accompanying a valuable gift, are another example of ceremonial paper folding.

The rise of Papercraft

Originally origami did not allow any cutting or gluing, but over the years origami evolved. Today, you will see many origami books with models that involve some form of cutting or gluing to make the final design more stable. Figures are also no longer folded exclusively with origami paper. Many types of paper can be used to create a papercraft model. Bauhaus teacher and artist Josef Albers was the master at creating dome-shaped structures from flat sheets of paper around 1930. Bauhaus used paper folding to train their students in commercial design. After World War II paper crafting became more and more popular in the United States.

During the 19th century paper folding spread across South America because of the work of the Argentine physician and master folder Vicente Solórzano Sagredo. He was the author of the most comprehensive manuals on paper folding in Spanish. In England Margaret Campbell published the book Paper Toy Making in 1937. It contained a large collection of origami designs. Two years later the paper flexagons of British mathematician A.H. Stone, whose paper structures altered their faces in curious ways when properly flexed, gave a boost to both the recreational and educational popularity of paper folding.

Papercraft History | Assembli

What is papercraft nowadays?

Today, papercraft provides a simple, enjoyable hobby that can help bring relaxation and nice interior decoration in to your life. It can take your attention away from difficulties for a short time, give you a sense of productivity and achievement and is an excellent way to stimulate your creativity. Paper craft is the creation of two or three-dimensional objects with paper or cardboard. You can fold, curve, cut, glue, stitch, or layer paper.
Papercraft has an
aesthetic as well as an educational value. It is especially fun for children to discover the animal world not only by looking at animals, but also to create them theirselves out of paper. Paper is a relatively inexpensive medium and easier to work with than ceramics, wood, and metals.

Assembli papercraft for your interior

Our designer Joop is fascinated by paper art. Everyday he gets inspired by his environment to create new DIY papercraft art. It all started with a visit to Lankhorst Design & Print. Joop and Lankhorst turned out to be a good match and the papercraft creation could begin!

The papercraft journey started with our papercraft kits and Assembli became the brand! From sea creatures like the Whale and Orca, to the Frenchie pup and a Baby Panda. Then it took a leap and Joop created new product lines. The paper insects were born! Tiny creatures of cardboard with the most beautiful metallic colored wings and shield. From there he created the paper birds and paper lights!
And there is more to come, in the fall season of 2022, Assembli will release new product lines. Stay tuned!

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