Paper Insects

Have you always been fascinated with insects like beetles and butterflies? Create your own beetle, butterfly or dragonfly sculptures out of sheets of cardboard. It makes a beautiful interior item. Are you a real connoisseur of these insects? Then it will be especially interesting to put them together and see how the constructs differ from each other and make your own entomology collection out of these paper insects!

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Paper stag beetle, paper atlasbeetle and more…

There are several Paper insects kits to assemble for example a paper stag beetle or a paper atlas beetle.

The insects are the perfect eyecatcher in a room! You can place one on a side table or make it a statement on the wall. For example by putting them in matching picture frames. The paper insects are also nice as a table piece or to decorate a plant with.

Are you ready to get creative and put all the pieces together? Find your favourite insects here in different glossy, metallic and matte bright colours!

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