And then, there were paper lights!

The newest members to our paper lights collection are the Sliceform Pendant Lamps. 3 cool designs inspired by the ‘Setas de Sevilla’!

Loena lamps are paper lights and provide beautiful decoration to the hanging lamps in your home decor, however the real magic starts once the sun goes down and the lights are off: the special ink printed in a mesmerising pattern gracefully glows when all else is dark. Loena lamps are available in two different sizes: wide and tall

Also check out the downloadable template to create a fun paper shade for your LED lamps. Choose any color you like, print at home and craft away!

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What a beautiful paper lights! No plastic, but beautiful designs in sturdy cardboard or paper with a beautiful glow in the dark print. Paper lamps are an eco-friendly alternative to most lamps that you often come across. The paper or cardboard is sturdy enough to enjoy your lamp for years to come.

What kind of paper lights do you choose?

Do you opt for an adventurous glow in the dark lamp? Then you go for the Loena wide or tall. During the day the lamp charges itself to provide your room with a beautiful glow in the evening when it is dark.

Would you rather get started yourself? Then we have a nice downloadable template that you can print on your own chosen paper. Go for funky metallic, or beautiful natural beige, you are your own designer.

The newest members are the cardboard Sliceform Pendants Lamps, in three cool organic designs, Slim, Bold and Oval,

And there is more to come! In our lab we are busy developing a new lights collection so keep an eye on our website and Instagram!

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