Looking at all the (animal) projects Assembli has to offer might have gotten you excited to start right away. So, while waiting for your Assembli package to arrive, why not try your luck at one of the paper templates below!?

Print templates immediately and get crafting!

A variety of free and paid PDF templates are available. These vary from animals, like a
Duckie and Koala to wall decorative pieces like the Triangle and Garden templates. Each template comes with instructions on how to fold, glue and assemble. 

Ready to take on bigger projects? Check out our papercraft animal head kits, including the panda, elephant and giraffe.
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Paper templates in all shapes and sizes

Big projects like our paper animal heads take some time. If you don’t feel like cutting, folding and pasting for hours, we also have less heavy projects such as the paper ducky or the paper koala. Most of these paper templates are even free!

To give your paper animal heads some extra shine, we have templates to brighten things up even more. A necklace for the alpaca, a honeycomb for your paper bees and a diamond shape to give your own touch in any of your chosen colors.

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