Butterfly Kit All Black

The fascinating world of insects inspired Assembli to create a new collection of paper sculptures. Construct the precision cut paper and cardboard parts into a beautiful interior item. All the skeleton parts, wings and body parts are well preserved inside this 3D puzzle kit.

The butterfly kit contains 3 beautiful species from different continents:
nr.1 is the Ornithoptera Priamus ( green birdwing ) from Asia, nr.2 is the Morpho Rhetenor ( blue morpho ) from South/Central America and nr.3 is the Papilla Machaon ( swallowtail ) from Europe.

The butterfly bodies are made of black cardboard. These parts are very small and detailed in order to build a beautiful representation. Note that the construction of these beauties is a precise and delicate job!:) All 3 insects have the option to be installed on white cardboard display discs (included) for easy installation on the wall. The 3 different wing sets are made of precision cut black cardstock to visualise the patterns as seen on  the real species.

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