Butterfly Kit

Ornithoptera Priamus: 120 x 180 x 35 mm
Morpho Rhetenor: 110 x 164 x 30 mm
Papilio Machaon: 120 x 186 x 35 mm

This 3D puzzle kit contains all parts to assemble this set of insects without glue. The bodies are made of black cardboard and the wings of gradiant metallic paper.

29,95 incl VAT

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This set of 3 sturdy paper butterflies contains 3 beautiful species from different continents: the Ornithoptera Priamus (Green Birdwing) from Asia, the Morpho Rhetenor (Blue morpho) from South-America and the Papilio Machaon (queen’s tail) from Europe.
Constructing these beauties is a precise and very delicate task. The small and super detailed parts of the butterfly bodies are made of black cardboard. The 3 different wingsets are made of unique metallic gradient paper to mimic the colourful effect of the real exotic butterflies.

You can mount the butterflies on the supplied white cardboard display discs when they are finished and simply attach them as a wall decoration. Or place the flutterers in a jar, as real biological study objects. Of course they’re also perfect to cheer up your door, lampshade, picture frame, cupboard, or whatever! You can make the butterflies in about 45 minutes.

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