Paper Deer

Size: 64x44x34 cm

The Deer kit contains 3 large coloured templates and 1,5 white template with the antlers, additional white inner ears and a shield. A test shape to practice, folding and building instructions, fast drying glue and a folding lath are included. Add scissors / little craft knife and that’s all you need to assemble this deer yourself! 🙂

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The deer with its majestic antlers is the ultimate hunting symbol. The classic hunting trophy that can be found in every castle that has a reputation to keep up. Now you can create your own animal friendly trophy. 🙂

The reindeer was one of the first domesticated animals and now this Paper Deer can live in your home as well. In all kind of legends and ancient myths the white deer appears. This mystical white stag was the messenger of heaven and the bringer of news or new things. Make your own favourite version and your trophy will get you the reputation you want.

The Paper Deer was designed by Polygonal Paper, who’s founder Natalya Bublik was the first designer in Russia to create a low-poly animal head as a gift for her research supervisor. Now Polygonal consists of a team of 4 designers, which have an excellent eye for detail and creating masterpieces.,