Paper Fox Kit

The paper fox construction kit is an animal friendly DIY project to create a modern wall trophy. The assembled size of the fox is 48x26x38 cm. There are two color options available in one kit, build the fox in one color or a combination with a white neck! The kit contains 3 large templates, an extra white neck template, a practice template,  fold en build instructions, fast drying glue and a folding lath. Add scissors / little craft knife and that’s all you need to assemble this fox yourself! 🙂

Two tone explanation:
Special feature in this kit is the possibility to give this fox a distinctive white neck… So everyone can choose for him or herself to build the fox in just one color or choose to build the more archetype version of the fox. So for instance: if you select the orange fox kit, there is an extra template with white neck parts included, so you can choose later if you want a full orange fox or an orange/white combination.

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Customise your fox with this print-yourself PDF A4 template :))
Customisation Template


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bright white, citrus orange, concrete grey, oak brown, (metal) satin gold, (print) wood, (option) bright yellow, (option) sky blue, (option) soft mint, (option) soft pink, (option) purple