Paper Stag Beetle Premium

Size: 200 x 240 x 50 mm

This 3D-puzzle kit contains all elements of the body in brown corrugated board, metallic shields and wings and can be put together without glue.

29,95 incl VAT

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Get creative with this 3D Paper Stag Beetle Premium insect!

Assembling this 3D paper Stag Beetle Premium insect is like a mindful journey. The feeling of joy when you are ready with assembling this beautiful Stag Beetle is great!

You can now take the insect life into your home decoration in a very animal friendly way. This paper version is very human friendly. All our paper creations are made with FSC-paper. And so is this 3D paper Stag Beetle Premium insect.

The Stag Beetle Premium kit contains:

  • Multiple brown corrugated board templates.
  • 1 colored template for the shield and/or wings.
  • 1 transparent template for the wings.
  • A paper stand.
  • A sheet with clear instructions.

You don’t need any scissors or craft knife to assemble this paper Stag Beetle yourself!
After assembling you can add a few dots of glue to keep your Beetle in the most perfect shape, but it is not necessary.

Stag Beetle facts:

The Scientific Name of the Stag beetle is Lucanus cervus. The jaws of a Stag are big and strong and they look like the antlers of a stag. That is from which the name derives. Male stag beetles use their jaws to wrestle each other for favoured mating sites in a manner that parallels the way stags fight over females. Fights may also be over food, such as tree sap and decaying fruits. Despite their often fearsome appearance, they are not normally aggressive to humans. Sometimes the jaws are so big that they are a handicap to the beetles movement.

The size of a Stag Beetle ranges between 8 and 40 mm. Most stag beetles are robust and black or brown. However, a few are brightly coloured. Their average lifespan in the wild can be up to 7 years! Stag beetles spend most of their very long life cycle underground as a larva. This can be anywhere from three to seven years depending on the weather.

We also have a small version of the Stag Beetle!

We do have magical animals at Assembli, but no real flying deer. What we have is a beetle with big jaws (which look like antlers, that’s why). In Japan this beetle is a favorite pet for children. Maybe for you as well? Normally it’s colour is a kind of reddish brown, but Assembli this cardboard beetle is available in several stunning colours. It can be put together within 45 minutes.

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