Paper Urban Birds Collection

This paper urban birds decoration kit contains 22 easy to use black bird silhouettes in different sizes from 3,5 to 9,5 cm, one piece of black string of 300 cm. and adhesives.
Simply create an electric powerline in your home with the adhesives and then take the birds out of their sheets, add on a glue dot and stick on and around the electric line to the wall! 🙂

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Get creative with this 3D paper Urban Birds Collection!

Decorating your wall with this 3D paper Urban Birds Collection is like a mindful journey. Change the powerline to create different scenes in your interior!

The Urban Birds kit contains:

  • 22 easy to use black bird silhouettes.
  • A piece of black string of 300 cm.
  • Adhesives.

Different small birds often find a resting place on a piece of electric powerline in the city. With this paper urban birds decoration kit you can create happy bird silhouettes swinging on a line in your own living room. It is very easy to create a new look in your home because they are very easy to use and instantly give a feeling of outside coming in. All our paper creations are made with FSC-paper. And so is this 3D paper Urban Bird Collection.

Did you know that a lot of bird species who are living in urban areas are struggling? That is because over the last hundred years or so, large cities and their surrounding housing suburbs have grown, replacing countryside habitats. Many species of birds have disappeared from such areas, but a few birds have adapted themselves to the man-made environment and have survived very well indeed. But why do birds stay in Urban areas? That is because towns and cities might be refuges from parasites. Its a place where a bird can raise its young secure in the knowledge that its young is actually its young. There are other benefits too.

Cities provide rich sources of food, and often safety from predators that are deterred by humans or our domestic pets. Big birds who are predatory birds for the Urban birds are skittish around humans. On average, they take off if people get within 54 meters, which is eight times farther than their Urban songbird prey allow. This means that humans create safe zones around ourselves that small birds will tolerate and their predators will not.

So what can you do to help the city birds? There are a lot of things but here we only state the most easy and efficient for in your garden or on your balcony:

  • Choose trees or shrubs that give fruit
  • Place blooming flowers that attract insects which on itself again is bird food)
  • Grow bare fences and facades with climbing plants, in both sunny and shady places.
  • Create a mini pond with a shallow end for birds to drink and bathe. Or place a water bowl.

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