Paper Whale

Size:  49x44x21 cm and 35x23x20 cm

The kit contains a large and a small tail: 3 large templates, a practice template,  fold and build instructions, fast drying glue and a folding lath. Add scissors / little craft knife and that’s all you need to assemble these whale tails yourself! 🙂

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Get creative with this 3D paper Whale Tail!

You can now take the marine life into your home decoration in a very animal friendly way. All our paper creations are made with FSC-paper. And so is this 3D paper Whale Tail.

Assembling this 3D paper Whale Tail is like a mindful journey. It will keep you busy for a few hours with an amazing result. The feeling of joy when you are ready with assembling this beautiful Sparkling Whale Tail is great!

The Whale Tail kit contains:

  • 3 large colored templates and white templates.
  • A test shape to practice, folding and building instructions.
  • Fast drying glue and a folding lath.

Add scissors / little craft knife and that’s all you need to assemble this Whale Tail yourself! 🙂

Whale facts:

The Whale is a real Marine giant. The scientific name of the blue whale is Balaenoptera musculus. They are carnivores which means they eat fish and meat, and a lot of plankton. Their average lifespan in the wild can be 80-90 years. The beautiful creatures are enormous, they can become 82 to 105 feet and they can weigh up to 200 tons! The blue whale is the largest animal on the planet. During certain times of the year, a single adult blue whale consumes about 4 tons of krill a day.

These giant swimmers can cruise at more than five miles an hour, but when they are agitated they accelerate to more than 20 miles an hour. Blue whales are loud. They emit a series of pulses, groans, and moans, and it’s thought that, blue whales can hear up to 1,000 miles away. Scientists think they use these vocalizations not only to communicate, but, along with their excellent hearing, to sonar-navigate the lightless ocean depths.

The illusion of a double plonge by a whale mother and child swimming away will give a funny effect as a wall decoration or on the floor. Follow the steps of the instructions and create this sparkling pair of a big and a small whale tail. Count on working for about 4 hrs on one tail. Or invite someone else to help crafting and practice your whale speech!

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