Vlijtig Steeltje

Nature and paper

Layers of paper in soft pink and warm red, striking leaves and prominent accents. “Vlijtig Steeltje” (Caululis Dilligenter) is a lovely paper bouquet with nice little details.

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Lets get started!

Isn’t it wonderful being offline, taking your time and rewinding for a couple of hours? This DIY kit contains everything you need for three paper flowers.

Start by cutting the petals, then curl the paper and assemble your bouquet. From flat paper to a stunning 3D-result: with your attention “Vlijtig Steeltje” grows into a beautiful and timeless bouquet for your home or someone elses.

• Complete DIY kit with clear manual (EN/NL)
• Easy crafting: you only need scissors
• A perfect gift for yourself or someone else!
• Level 1 on a scale of 5: you can do this!

“Vlijtig Steeltje” was designed by De Bloemenier and produced by Assembli. A collaboration we are very proud of!