Assembli DIY puzzles in top International museum shops

17/09/2019 Geplaatst in: collections, insects, papercraft kits, Projects

We love nature. And art. And design. And paper! That is how we get inspired to create our unique DIY-interior objects. Are you  interested in culture and nature and love design and always make time to visit a museum? Just out of curiosity, or to get inspired? Visiting any museum is a new experience every time. And the experience of the museum, whether it is design or history or our natural environment, should be summarized in the giftshop to enhance the experience and complete the memory of the visit.

So Museum-shops and their visitors are always looking for unique design, quality, sustainability, products that are fairmade and with genuine passion. And that is exactly what we stand for with our unique animal friendly Paper Trophies and 3D insect puzzles.

We feel very proud and internationally acknowledged our Assembli products are being present in shops of the best museums in the world.
So if you are in the area, make sure to pay a visit to one of this museums! And put the rest on your bucketlist 😉


Guggenheim Bilbao (Spain)

Outside the Puppy by Jeff Koon makes the Guggenheim in Bilbao Spain very charming and the building with the gigantic spider attracts many visitors from all over the world to take a look inside for their collection.


Voorlinden Museum (Wassenaar, the Netherlands)

Museum Voorlinden can be found surrounded by nature in the middle of a green landscaped garden in Wassenaar (the Netherlands).
A permanent collection of highlights to experience and exhibitions.


Design museum Cooper Hewitt – Smithsonian (New York U.S.A.)

During a museum-trip in Amsterdam someone from Smithsonian spotted our 3D puzzle insects and considering the nice proce thought it would fit perfectly well with the current exhibition “Nature by design”! This 2019 exhibition “Nature by design”  is where visitors are invited to discover how nature and design have intersected in the past and continue to converge in our world.

Nature always has been a big inspiration for Artists and designers and this is visible in Smithsonian design museum Cooper Hewitt in New York. The exhibition ‘Nature-Cooper Hewitt design Triennal’ shows works from designers across all disciplines who are collaborating with scientists, engineers, farmers, environmentalists, and nature itself to design a more harmonious and regenerative future.


Cave Chauvet-Pont d’arc  (Ardèche, France)

This cave in the Ardèche is an archeological site and is actually a replica of the original caves nearby with unique cave paintings and art that goes back 36000 years in human history.
Many animals starring in the cave art can be found in our interior design collection of Paper Trophies like the rhino, wolf, bear, horse, deer and even sabre and lion. A great way to have your own favourite animal trophy home.

Starting in summer 2019 there is a special exhibition about big cats and their relation with humans over the centuries.





Foundation Vincent van Gogh (Arles, France)

Museum devoted to the life and work of the dutch painter Vincent van Gogh who lived in Arles (Provence) France in 1888.

Visit this museum as a start of a tour around the real life locations of the Van Gogh paintings  on the ‘VanGogh route’.



Vitra Design Museum (Weil am Rein, Germany)

Founded as an independent private foundation of Rolf Fehlbaum the collection of this in Germany located museum focuses on furniture and interior design.
Always looking for new and unique designs they spotted the Cottage Town by Assembli/Ontwerpduo at the Blickfang designersmarket!


Catacombes (Paris, France)

Impressive “Paris Municipal Ossuary” from 18thcentury created buriels underground in Paris. Skulls and more skulls. Our Paper Sapiens is the perfect gift to take home and is not scary at all.


Naturalis (Leiden, the Netherlands)

The new Naturalis is open again: the Dutch national research institute about biodiversity and a brand-new family museum with everything about nature. New Galleries have been created like the Dinosaur Era with he famous Trix the T-rex. And millions of objects are in their top5 largest Collections of Natural history, divided in botany, geology, entomology, vertebrates, invertebrates as well as books/ catalogues.Naturalis-insects-LiveScience