Curious if these projects are something for you? Or maybe need a little help ;)?
Don’t worry, instructions are right here 🙂
The PDF Instructions are in English, French and German and there are also several instruction videos.


Paper Craft Kit Instructions and Videos


Alpaca Alpaca.pdf
Bear Bear pdf Bear Video
Deer Deer.pdf
Dolphin Dolphin pdf
Elephant Elephant.pdf
Fox Fox pdf Fox Video
Flamingo Flamingo pdf Flamingo Video
Giraffe Giraffe pdf Giraffe Video
Grizzly Grizzly pdf Grizzly Video
Hippo Hippo pdf Hippo Video
Horse/Unicorn Horse-Unicorn.pdf Horse-Unicorn Video
Mammoth Mammoth pdf
Orca Orca pdf
Panda Panda pdf
Panda baby Panda baby pdf
Penguin Penguin pdf
Penguin XL Penguin XL pdf
Polar bear Polar bear pdf
Rhino Rhino pdf Rhino Video
Sabre Sabre pdf
Sapiens Sapiens pdf Sapiens Video
Sapiens XL Sapiens XL pdf
Shark Shark pdf  –
Tiger Tiger pdf Tiger Video
Whale Whale pdf Whale Video
Wolf Wolf pdf Wolf Video


3D Puzzles small

Butterfly Birdwing Birdwing pdf Butterfly Kit Video
Butterfly Giant silk Giant silk pdf Butterfly Kit Video
Butterfly Swordtail Swordtail pdf Butterfly Kit Video
Bumble Bee Bumble bee.pdf Bumble bee Kit Video
Dragonfly Anisoptera Dragonfly pdf Dragonfly Kit Video
Firefly Firefly.pdf Firefly Kit Video
Honey Bee Honey Bee pdf Honey Bee Kit Video
Jewel Beetle Jewel Beetle pdf Jewel Beetle Kit Video
Ladybug Ladybug pdf
Paper Wasp Paper Wasp pdf Paper Wasp Kit Video
Praying Mantis Praying Mantis pdf Praying Mantis Kit Video
Rosalia Beetle Rosalia Beetle pdf Rosalia Beetle Kit Video
Scarab Beetle Scarab Beetle pdf Scarab Beetle Kit Video
Spider Spider pdf Spider Kit Video
Stag Beetle small Stag Beetle small pdf Stag Beetle small Kit Video
Violin Beetle Violin Beetle pdf


3D Puzzles medium

Lobster kit Lobster Kit Video


3D Puzzles premium

Atlas Beetle Atlas Beetle Video
Hercules Beetle Hercules Beetle Video
Stag Beetle Stag Beetle Video


Free practice downloads

Paper Crown Small Paper Crown
Paper Crown Big Paper Crown
Paper Garden Paper Garden
Gold Bar Gold Bar
Paper Triangle Paper Triangle