Fairs and Events 2022

Formland Trade Fair Denmark: 3-6 Febr 2022
Museum Connections Paris: 30-31 March 2022
ShowUP Event Brabanthallen Den Bosch: 4 & 5 sept 2022
VT Wonen & Design Beurs Expo Haarlemmermeer: 4 tm 9 okt 2022
Museum Connections: 17-18 Jan 2023

We are so excited that we can attend fairs again! It is a chance for us to meet our clients and fans of Assembli in real life and the perfect way to talk about design, papercraft, environment and business. We always get many positive reactions when attending the Blickfang Designers markets or other designer exhibitions. And we get in touch with a lot of other (Dutch) designers there. This has lead to several collaborations for exhibitions and this way we can be present at more places. Besides Blickfang, VTWonen and ShowUp event we will also attend Museum Connections in Paris and Formland in Denmark!

Check out the places and dates from the fairs and events 2022 above or below and save the date. Excellent opportunity to see our animal trophies and our cool paper insects in the ‘wild’ and meet the creators of Assembli in person 🙂 Love to see you there!

About Assembli

Assembli is a Dutch brand, covering the creative work going on between printing company Lankhorst and designer Joop Bource. Together they develop fun and contemporary interior projects with a challenging twist. We like to use the word ‘project’  rather than ‘product’  because we aim to involve the customer in the finishing process. Solving a spatial puzzle, like a papercaft construction kit, can bring positive effects along the way reaching completion.  Getting off screen for a while, joining forces with a loved one and being proud for finishing the ‘sheet to sculpture’  process. Every project is a mindful journey and might be meditative, but sometimes also a little bit of a pain in the *ss. 🙂

ShowUP Event Brabanthallen Den Bosch: 4 & 5 sept 2022

Opening hours:
Sunday september 4th 2022 10:00 – 17:00 uur
Monday september 5th 2022  9:00 – 17:00 uur

Diezekade 2
More information: Website ShowUP

VT Wonen & Design Beurs Expo Haarlemmermeer: 4 tm 9 okt 2022

Location: Stelling 1, 2141 SB Vijfhuizen
More information: VT Wonen&Design Beurs

Museum Connections: 17-18 Jan 2023

Location: Place de la porte de Versailles de Paris – Hall 3
More information: Museum Connections