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05/07/2018 Geplaatst in: Projects, Selection

We would like to introduce to you: Cottage Town 🙂 These funny DIY-houses with a little twist will transform your houseplants into giants! They will perk up any interior. These soft-coloured paper houses are made of waterproof material, resistant to a downpour from the watering can. There are 4 varieties: Jasmin, Lily, Olive and Rosie.

You can make the houses very easily with this kit. Just take out the parts and fold along the fold lines. You can use the adhesive strips to connect the parts together. Then find a nice place in your home to put your cottage and enjoy the view!

If you want to see more Cottage Town for inspiration in your interior take a look here.  But the best way is to assemble a set of houses yourself, be creative and send us the result using #assembli #cottagetown

Cottage town is a design by Ontwerpduo

Thanks to our new collaboration with dutch designers Ontwerpduo we have this product available exclusively at Assembli from now on.

Who is Ontwerpduo? This dutch interior designers duo are the combination of Tineke Beunders and Nathan Wierink and they turn magical ideas into amazingly practical products. Take a look at their collection.
They created the little houses of “Cottage Town”. You can turn houseplants into forest giants with these DIY-houses and they will perk up any interior. The soft-coloured and little twisted structures are made of waterproof material.
When we saw this very special design it made us so happy we want to share it with you! That’s why we created a nice collaboration with Ontwerpduo to produce and make it available especially for you!

Selection by Assembli

The new collaboration with Ontwerpduo is added to the category: ‘collections‘. We offer products of other designers that fit well with our products and the concept of DIY-interior design. Every day brilliant designs and ideas are passing by and we want to  share what we like . And most of all the objects need a little hands-on creation to finally create your own design interior object. The process of creating it yourself will make you extra proud and that makes  us happy. We have our eyes and ears out for more different DIY interior design to add to this selection by Assembli. And we think you will like this selection too! So follow us on Insta or FaceBook to keep up to date. And let us know what you think of it!

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