Reliability guaranteed with WebWinkelKeur

25/11/2022 Geplaatst in: Company

Assembli is affiliated with Stichting WebwinkelKeur.

Since january 2023, Assembli has passed the inspection of Stichting WebwinkelKeur. This means that Assembli complies with all the most important European and Dutch rules in the field of distance selling.

We proudly wear this quality mark because it once again underlines the reliability of Assembli.

It doesn’t stop with an approval alone. Stichting WebwinkelKeur is a modern quality mark that continuously monitors the reliability of its members. For example, consumers can go there with complaints and they can (publicly) assess the affiliated webshops. As a consumer, you therefore have more certainty with a webshop that is affiliated with this quality mark.

Authentic Reviews

As an independent third party, Stichting WebwinkelKeur guarantees the authenticity of customer reviews and the reliability of its members.
We think it is important that reviews provide the best possible picture of our products and service. Our reviews are therefore administered, impartially, by WebwinkelKeur. They have taken measures to guarantee the authenticity of reviews. You can read which measures these are here.
Our customers are not rewarded for writing reviews. No discounts or other gifts are given.

In short, another reason to buy your DIY interior decoration directly from Assembli-shop!

De waardering van bij WebwinkelKeur Reviews is 9.4/10 gebaseerd op 256 reviews.