Papercraft kits

A paper animal trophy, like the paper panda, is the perfect eyecatcher in your interior! It is the ideal animal friendly alternative for the classic animal trophies brought home after a hunt.

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The cubic design creates shadows and depth for the perfect minimalistic look. Each paper animal trophy comes in different colours and some are even available in a marble and wood print! Unicorns are the hype of 2018 and we have the perfect paper unicorn trophy! It is available in many different pastel colours, but also in grey, gold and even marble!

Paper panda, paper wolve and much more…

More into the classic animal trophies? At Assembli you will find a wide range of paper animal trophies. From a paper panda to a paper wolve and paper whales fins! Most of the animal trophies are wall trophies, but we also designed a standing penguin animal trophy. This is the perfect sculpture for on a side table or in an open cabinet.   

 The fun part about a paper animal trophy? You will have to assemble them yourself! Are you ready to get creative and make your own art? Go through the mindful and meditative process of making your own animal head trophy! It will take you several hours to finish. However, the time and energy that you put in, will make the result even more special. Discover all the animal heads here.

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