Paper Dolphin

Size: 43x37x47 cm

The Dolphin kit contains:

  • 2 large coloured templates and 1,5 large white templates.
  • A test shape to practice, folding and building instructions.
  • A set of paper pre-cut black eyes.
  • Fast drying glue and a folding lath.

Add scissors / little craft knife and that’s all you need to assemble this Dolphin yourself! 🙂

26,00 incl VAT

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Dolphins are smart animals living in groups and love to play! They communicate with each other by making clicking sounds and whistling. They do not have gills being a mammal and with only one deep breath they can stay under water for 15 minutes! During a nap, their hemispheres take turns sleeping, so that they can still keep a close eye on their environment for possible danger. 🙂

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