Paper Trophy Animals: 3 beautiful DIY paper animals for in your home!

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Make your wall look spectacular with a DIY paper trophy animal! From grizzly bears and wolves, to flamingos, pandas and unicorns. We think these animal heads will look gorgeous on your wall. But do not take our word for it. Just check a few of them out in this blog!

1. The grizzly bear papercraft kit: do not forget to hide the honey!

A grizzly bear represents strength and confidence. It is a powerful paper animal head to place on your wall. The bear is also associated with leadership and taking action. If this reflects your personality, this animal wall mount may be the perfect match for you! Our grizzly bear DIY kit is 40x42x35 cm, which is pretty bulky. In other words, it will stand out in your home. The grizzly is chocolate brown and has a friendly, happy face.

Paper grizzly kit

Animal wall mounts | Papercraft Grizzly | Assembli

2. A paper panda kit: just stunning!

Panda bears are known for peacefulness and a positive outlook on life. As a mascot for the WWF, the giant panda has a huge impact on the wellbeing of the world. The animal wall mount brings safety and coziness to your home. Our DIY kit is 41x39x30 cm. Just as the grizzly bear, the panda will stand out in your interior.

Paper panda kit

Animal wall mounts | Papercraft Panda | Assembli

3. Paper Trophy horse-unicorn kit

The mythical unicorn is a popular fantasy animal around the world. It has appeared in children’s books, novels and movies. These innocent creatures are known for their feminine energy. Therefore, the paper horse-unicorn is a perfect decorator for a girl’s room. Our unicorn kit is 55x23x55 cm. We think girls will love the horse-unicorn on their wall. The kit is available in many different colors, which makes it easy to find one that complements the style of the room.

Paper horse-unicorn kit

Animal wall mounts | Papercraft Horse Unicorn | Assembli

More paper trophy animals?

Can’t get enough of our DIY animal wall mounts? We have even more paper based taxidermy available. Check out our shop for more beautiful paper trophy animal heads and more.
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