Black Wooden Frames

Black wooden frame including a white back plate specially made for framing our paper insects.
With a little bit of papercraft glue, the insects are quite easy to fix in these frames.

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Present your insect in the Black Wooden Frames of Assembli, perfect for your project!

The black wooden frames are available in three sizes:

Small       (13,5 x 18 cm):     Suitable for our small Stag beetle, Jewel beetle, Praying mantis, Bee, Bumblebee, Wasp, Ladybug, Violin Beetle and the Firefly.
Medium   (18 x 25 cm):       Also suitable for our Spider, Rosalia beetle, Butterflies and Dragonfly.
Large       (25 x 29 cm):        Also suitable for our Premium Beetles, the Giant Honey Bee, Lobster and the Fossil art.

These Frames are made especially for us and have a white cardboard back on which you can mount your insect easily with a few drops of papercraft glue. The white cardboard back is is placed on a profile. It makes the white background come out and look like it is ‘floating’ in the black wooden frame. Combine multiple frames with each other for a cool mix and match presentation! Take a look at our Instagram for some inspiration.

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