Papercraft kits

Create your own eyecatching design interior item: a paper animal trophy on your wall or on a side table. The cubic design creates a perfect minimalistic look to match in any livingroom or bedroom. There are many varieties and each one comes in different colours and sometimes even with prints like marble or wood. So choose your own favourite here and surprise yourself with the result.

3D Insects

Cool, exotic and elegant at the same time. Put together these friendly 3D puzzle paper insects and they are a real eyecatcher in your interior. You can choose butterflies, beetles and dragonflies in beautiful matte or metallic gradient paper or make a collection! Ready to make your own interior design object?


Do you really love insects and would love to fill your home with swarms of butterflies and dragonflies? With this paper collection sets you can have butterflies, dragonflies and big moths buzzing in your home all year round. These colourful friends cheer up every room!


It happens more and more: organizations and people working together to create something unique. At Assembli we are always dreaming with our eyes open and looking for new and brilliant designs. Creations by other designers that make us enthousiastic will probably make you happy too so that’s why we want to share this as much as we can. Take a look at this diverse collection and start creating yourself!

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